Anonymous asked:
You should post more.

I’ll be back soon.

opsmarine asked:
I like your blog. I have no questions. It is dope.

Thank you so much! I haven’t been posting a lot lately though.

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Anonymous asked:
Your blog motivates me to be a better soldier. I'm in the california national guard and my biggest problem is the 2 mile run. I always seem to get within 30-40 seconds of the time I need and NEVER closer, no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions?

I apologize for the late response.

I am not in the military, however I had a pretty active lifestyle before I got pregnant and spent most of my time working out and running. I was a terrible runner at first but personally I had improved my running by cutting down on sweets and completely eliminating sodas from my diet. I like to think it helped. Another was doing intervals as I ran, say for example I start at low intensity for the first minute and gradually speeding up until I reach my maximum speed then allowing myself to slow down a bit again and gain endurance before doing another set of the intervals. I noticed how my running has improved since then. I obsessed on legs too and I did lots of leg exercises. I have read that strong legs will keep you steady during runs. So I guess that and the diet will help you improve your running.

Sorry I’m not really much of a fitness expert but I hope this helps!